Thursday, September 19, 2013
Posted by Mr Ice Blended

Do you like solving simple yet fun puzzles? Do you like getting awesome deals? Well then we’ve got a special for you!

Fridays just got “mo’ fun” with our newest weekly special, Mo’ Fun Fridays! I hope you’re ready to exercise that brain of yours, because every Friday we’re sending out an email with a fun puzzle to solve and a great deal to earn. The deal is so good we can’t just offer it for one day either! We’re making Mo’ Fun Fridays last ALL WEEKEND LONG!

The answer to the email’s puzzle is that weekend’s passphrase. When you go to any of our The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Hawaii locations, just say the passphrase and you’ll get... [ ... ]

Wednesday, September 18, 2013
Posted by Mr Ice Blended

Seasonal drinks are back, Jack! (Or whatever your name is.) We’ve got two drinks and five new food offerings to satisfy your Autumn appetite!

Our awesome Pumpkin latte tastes like eating a pumpkin pie and drinking a vanilla latte…at the same time! And our Chocolate Hazelnut latte combines two of our best flavors into one amazing drink! Each flavor is back in 3 varieties: hot latte, iced latte, and my personal favorite: Ice Blended®. 

To complement these drinks, we brought in a bunch of new food items that will... [ ... ]

Thursday, August 1, 2013
Posted by Mr Ice Blended

Check it out, we’ve had a major over-haul! Welcome to our new humble abode. We’re pleased and excited to have you all peruse our site and get acquainted with the new The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Hawaii website! We’ve not only changed the look, we’ve also added awesome new features and got rid of that 90’s­­-era song that kept playing on our old site! (Sorry to everyone that went to our site just so you could jam to that song.)

Among the new features, we have a great blog that will be updated from time to time with great content related to coffee &  tea (of course), our company, and anything cool we think you should know about! We’ve also integrated social media throughout the site and enhanced the store locator... [ ... ]

Wednesday, July 31, 2013
Posted by Mr Ice Blended

Do you want to try something that is so good that it will “Broke Da Mouth”?  If so, then you have to try the waffle sundae at your nearest Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf.  Not to sound cliché-ish but this dessert is a match made in heaven.  Imagine a generous scope of vanilla ice cream drizzled with chocolate fudge and caramel and then surrounded by thick slices of warm, toasted, Julian’s vanilla waffles.  Are you drooling yet?  Eat it with a spoon or be adventurous and use the waffle sticks as your utensil.  Either way, you will be wanting more.  Order it with a nice house blend coffee and you’ll be good to go.